Girls Incorporated

Girls Incorporated (Girls Inc) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the empowerment of girls. The organization has been dedicated to the welfare of girls for over sixty five years and continues to grow strong.

Girls Inc with the help of local networks and organizations in the United States and Canada serves as an inspiration for girls. It helps them to be bold, smart and mentally strong. Today, the Girls Inc has a network community of almost one million girls.

The National Resource Center (NRC) of the Girls Inc comprehends the changes in a community, then conducts research on various factors that girls need to adapt. The organization then develops programs and workshops that teach, train and guide the girls through this transition without losing their values, confidence and potential.

Almost every aspect related to girls whether it is from education to social topics like drugs, pregnancy, abuse, health, etc. Girls Inc has taken the initiative to bring in awareness, guidance and be the friend-in-need to girls. The objective of each initiative is to prepare the girls physically, mentally and emotionally to face challenges with a positive attitude and strength to survive.

The majority of Girls Inc program centers are located in low-income areas. These programs provide various services to girls through training and awareness programs at an average of about thirty hours a week. Apart from this, Girls Inc programs can be found in schools, community centers and even churches.

Girls Inc runs on funds from the public support - corporate, government sector and many individuals. The revenue donated by the public support accounts to more than 75 percent of the total income of the organization. The rest comes in through fees, affiliate dues, interest and dividends. A total of 75 percent of the revenue earned directly goes to the service oriented support programs for the girls. The governing body of the Girls Inc comprises of eminent personalities all with the unified objective to inspire girls.


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